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May i present  TAMA Jewelry  by The original concept store of Ton-Ma-Kham-Chang-Tong (Tamarind Tree Goldsmiths) to EVERYONE.  We are very Unique tradition Thai jeweller and goldsmith with 8 branches in 3 cities of Thailand. Founded in 1910. The focus of our business is precious metals. Our core competencies are art and management of precious metals. We will create exceptional value for our customers in a culture of art, innovation, trust and respect. We will deliver high quality products and services to customers that provide solutions, add value and exceed expectations We have been quite successful in Thailand.  We have over 10,000 satisfied clients throughout Thailand each year.  We have an excellent reputation for quality. reliability and service and all our product are designed, engineered and manufactured and handcraft in Thailand.  Our unique ability to handcraft, made to order, specialist in Thai wedding jewelry. and/or collector jewelry.  That make us very unique artistic creation of gold and jewelry shop in Thailand.

Visit our website  " " or our Facebook fan page " tamajewelry " for our shop branches or product picture and information.  We are look forward to be part of your business.  

This is contact person for further information.

Mr. Shane Watanatada

Call +66 (0)81 684 8000

With 100 years of experience.  We are confident that our product and service will

  • Make fantastic impression to all customer especially gold or jewelry collector.
  • deliver the most luxury Thai traditional gold and jewelry especially wedding jewelry.
  • competitive  price.
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