Useful Thai shopping phrases

Hello = Sawasdee ka / krub *

I'm just looking = Pom / chan kae duu **

Let me have a look first = Kor pom / chan duu kon **

That's pretty = Seuy dee na ka / krub *

How much? = ra ka tao rai?

How much weight ? = nam nhak tao rai?

what kind of gold? = thong arai?

Too expensive!  = Pang maak na ka / krub! *

Can I have a discount?  = Lod dai mai?

Do you have other colors? = Mee see eun mai?

Do you have a bigger size? = Mee yai kwaa nee mai?

Do you have a smaller size? = mee lek kwaa nee mai?

Is this from Thailand? = Tam nai pra ted thai rue plao?

No thanks, I'm not interested = Mai aow ka / krub *

Thank you very much = Kob Khun maak ka / krub *

You're so sweet! = Khun na rak maak!

* 'ka' if you're female,    'krub' if you're male
** 'pom' if you're male,  'chan' is used for both sexes

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